How to get job easily

( This article is exclusive written for Unnati or RHA Associate Students )

Below are the points which you should keep in mind while creating resume.

  1. Save your resume with your name. Ex. Your Name_surname_resume.pdf. Most of the students will give the resume name as Resume.pdf.
  2. Send it through proper channel (e-mail). Avoid sending your resume through WhatsApp unless and until asked for.
  3. Send mail with suitable subject like  “yourname_resume”. Most of people forget to mention subject,  recall your basic observation, What is displayed in a Mail notification *e-mail ID and Subject of mail*.
  4. Most Important thing is, Try to be Professional about your mail-id. E-mail ID indicating your name is enough don’t add any other prefix. Prince, princess, Angel’s are not valid IT Professions anymore,so no need to put them in your E-mail id.
  5. In resume Elaborate your project (which is your only Hands on experience). Which technologies you used in it, other technology collaboration, project status.
  6. While using vendor logo like Red Hat please check which logo is valid, I have seen most of the students will copy Red Hat company logo which is not suppose to be used.
  7. Mention only related skill sets (a networking company hardly cares about your website designs). Including java, html, PHP is not wise thing to do.
  8. Write the things which you know from basic completely. E.g. Putting DNS into the resume is not at all suggested if you dont know how to configure DNS Server.

While Facing Interview

  1. If you’re Fresher and come to know about opening, please dont ask Company Name, CTC, Position etc. Just give your best in interview, after getting selected its completely your choice whether to join or not. As you will get experience of interview atleast.
  2. Try to Answer question genuinely, dont spoof interviewer, if you dont know anything just say I don’t No to question.
  3. Try to emphasis on your project when asked. As this is the only place where you can win the Game

Other Tips

  1. If you are sending your resume, pull up you socks as interview can be happen within 10mins or next day.
  2. There may not be an prior intimation for interview. GET READY FOR WAR ANYTIME.
  3. If the you come to know that there is an opening on RHCE with Graduation completed and you are in Final year;Wait for right time.
  4. There will be always right opportunity waiting. If you have done Courses like Ansible / Openshift / Openstack try to avoid giving interview on Linux Admin stuff.
  5. Dont Learn any thing exam oriented Try to learn the things conceptually. Dont run behind marks.

Best Luck

Kind Regards
Ashutosh S.Bhakare
Unnati Development and Training Centre Pvt Ltd 
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