2 Lakhs DevOps Skills are required in IT ,  Hot Job SKILLS !!

“New job types are in high demand, with more employers hiring for specialist roles such as DevOps”.

The only course which provide International Remote Internship with current disruptive technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Ansible Tower, BuildAH, Skopeo, PodMan, RKT, AWS, RHCSA on RHEL8, RHCE on RHEL8. Including Global Exam and Training at very subsidize cost. Offer Valid Till : 1st Sept 2019

Scheme 1:

Infrastructure Certified Expert (ICE) : RHCSA on RHEL8, AWS, Docker, BuildAH, PodMan, Rkt, Project Sponsorship.
Fees : 15000/- Including Training & Exam,  Duration: 120 Hrs.
Includes  : 6 Latest Technologies, 2 Global Exams, 3 Participation Certificates

Scheme 2:

Automation Certified Expert (ACE) : RHCE on RHEL8, Kubernetes, Docker-Swarm Ansible, Ansible Tower,
Fees : 19000/- Including Training & Exam, Duration: 120 Hrs.
Includes  : 5 Latest Technologies, 1 Global Exams, 3 Participation Certificates