New-age IT skills can double your pay

According to the study, 85% of IT leaders expect DevOps methodology to drive greater investments in training for development and operational personnel to cater to the growing need of DevOps challenges, while 76% of IT leaders are likely to invest in new tools.

Indian companies are rapidly adopting DevOps reveals a recent global survey “Assembling the DevOps Jigsaw” by CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA). As per the study 78% of Indian IT leaders have adopted some aspect DevOps, this is a rise in adoption from last year. In Asia Pacific & Japan region, India ranks No. 1 in the market with 24% adoption of Advanced DevOps

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Based on the current practices, it is difficult to ignore the tangible benefits that DevOps as a practice has to offer. Implementation of DevOps helps in significant reduction of development cost and also gives operations team the benefit of viewing real-time progress of the implementation. Other measurable benefits of DevOps include:

  • Shorter development cycle
  • Increased release velocity
  • Improved defect detection mechanism
  • Reduced deployment failures and rollbacks
  • Reduced time to recover upon failure.

Additionally, because automation replaced boring and repetitive tasks, allowing workers to progress to more complex tasks, it may end up increasing worker satisfaction overall.

DevOps for Engineering / Computer science students

In India the ratio of adopting technical skills while doing engineering is very less as compare to other countries, students will concentrate on there technical skillsets after completing their graduation. But if you are an engineering / computer science students and passionate about opensource technologies like Cloud, Openstack, Ansible, Puppet, Python , Docker etc. then learning DevOps skills will be highly beneficial for you in-terms of stability in your career.

DevOps Courses

With Red Hat there are number of certifications available in DevOps Track, including Openshift, Ansible, Puppet, Docker etc. including which Red Hat unique DevOps track – We @Unnati having unique scheme for students those are interested learn DevOps; Student has to pay Rs.25500/- as a part of training fees for Red Hat Certificate course in Ansible Automation and for exam student need to pay 15000/-+15 taxes. Course details can be refer from –, Trainer Profile –

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